Three Key Parameters of Three-Stage Charger

The first important parameter is the low constant voltage value in trickle stage, the second important parameter is the high constant voltage value in the second stage, and the third important parameter is the conversion current. These three important parameters are related to the number of batteries, relating to the capacity ah of the battery, relating to the temperature, relating to the battery type.


The description above believes that the owner of the charger will have a clear understanding of the types of the charger. So, the electronic pulse charger of lightweight electric bike 2017 is a kind, and the three-stage charger is another kind. The former is slightly more expensive, the price of the big factory brand is probably between 120 and 180 Yuan, and the three-stage charger is slightly lower because of its price. Low starting point and high market share.


As a result, it has been popularized and produced by various manufacturers, but the production process and technical level are not the same, so there are often prices ranging from 30 Yuan to 40 Yuan. It is recommended to buy brand chargers of large manufacturers (such as the original factory chargers worn by electric cars with good sales) of good quality, after-sale protection, wholesale price of 50 ~ 80 Yuan.


Be responsible for yourself and batteries. Can also search the website of charger manufacturer on the net, inside can have specific parameter of each model charger, performance, contact information, ask agent telephone, can buy the product of true price like this.

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