What do You Need to Pay Attention to When Buying an Electric Bike?

Although electric vehicles have been loved by many consumers , it has become an indispensable step – in – step tool in people ‘ s lives , but now the brand of electric vehicles is numerous , and the product configuration is uneven , so it is important to choose a high – quality electric vehicle .


1, choose the brand. Pay attention to choosing the well-known electric vehicle brand, if you do not know the electric car brand very well, you can go to China brand network to inquire. The manufacturer will think about how to build electric bike cheap and good. Of course, in addition to the choice of electric vehicle brands, but also to focus on the configuration of key components brands, such as batteries, motors, chargers, controllers, tires, brake handle, brand quality and after-sales service are guaranteed.


2, look at the speed. An electric bicycle with a maximum speed exceeding the national standard will be defined as an electric motorcycle and will probably be classified as a motor vehicle, so it is important to know the maximum speed of the vehicle.


3, pick the model. The safety and performance of different models vary greatly. It is suggested that simple and light type should be selected.


4,Check the procedure. Check the production license, usage specification, qualification certificate is valid, complete, check if the accessories are complete. Special attention is given to whether or not to approve locally licensed models.


5, look for feeling. Take a trial ride to feel whether the vehicle starts, accelerates, drives, turns smoothly, operates comfortably, and rides lightly; check brake tightness, handlebar flexibility, and wheel mobility.

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