Judgment of the Advantages and Disadvantages of Electric Bike Controller

Carefully observe the process


The workmanship of a controller reflects the strength of a company. Under the same conditions, the workshop controller must not be as good as the products of a large company. The best ladies electric bike has the best electric bike controller. The products welded by hand must not be as good as those welded by the wave crest.


A controller with an exquisite appearance is better than a product that does not pay attention to the appearance. A controller with thick conductors is better than a controller with poor traverse. A controller with a heavy radiator is better than a controller with a light radiator.


Contrast temperature rise


Using the new controller and the original controller under the same conditions to plug the heat test, the two controllers removed the radiator, with a car, support feet, first turn the knob to achieve the highest speed, immediately brake. Do not brake, lest the controller enter the shutoff protection, maintain at very low speed for 5 seconds, release the brakes, quickly reach the maximum speed, then brake, repeat the same operation, such as 30 times. Check the maximum temperature of the radiator.


Comparing the data from the two controllers, the lower the temperature, the better. Test conditions should ensure the same current limit, the same battery capacity, the same car, the same test from the cold car, maintain the same braking force and time.


At the end of the test, the screw tightness degree of the fixed mos should be checked. The looser it is, the worse the temperature resistance of the insulating plastic particles used, which will lead to the damage of the mos in advance due to heat generation.

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