4 Reasons Lead to Shorter Distance of Electric Bicycles

In many cases, the distance of china electric bike is shortened, not because of the quality of the car, but because of the “man-made” or objective conditions.

For example, the unscientific operation and riding habits such as zero start, sudden braking and electrification, uphill headwind and other overloaded passengers will result in a short continuous kilometer.

Long-distance high-speed driving will also result in a short continuation of the journey. On the same road, under the same conditions, some electric vehicles turn to the proper low speed driving to run, while all the high speed driving may not be able to run.

Lower temperatures will also result in shorter journeys. Usually riding at 25 ¡æ and 0 ¡æ, the former is twice as long as the latter;

His old car’s old battery must be shorter than the new one. This is a matter of physical performance.

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