Common Reasons for Short Distance of Electric Bike

If the battery of electric vehicle is not in use for a long time or has been placed for a long time: please replenish the battery first;

Tire pressure is insufficient: pump;

Check whether the brake is too tight and friction rim: adjust the brake;

Whether the battery charge is adequate: recharge;

Whether meet the slope or headwind: pedal auxiliary driving;

Whether the temperature is too cold: battery energy cannot be generated.

Self-test function: dynamic self-testing and static self-testing, the controller as long as the power on state, it will automatically detect the interface state associated with it.

If the switch, brake or other external switches and so on, once there is a fault, the controller automatically implements the protection, fully ensure the safety of riding, when the fault removal of the controller will automatically restore the state of protection. Chinese electric bike is expensive, so we should do a good job of protection.

Backcharge function: the energy generated by eabs is fed back to the battery when braking, decelerating or sliding downhill, thus maintaining the battery, prolonging the battery life and increasing the mileage of the battery.

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