Controller is one of the Core of Electric Bike Kits

What is an Electric Bicycle Controller?

Electric bicycle controller is used to control the starting, running, moving, moving, speed, stop and other electronic components of the core controller of electric vehicles. It’s like the brain of an electric car. It’s an important part of an electric vehicle.

At present, electric vehicles mainly include electric bicycles, electric two-wheeled motorcycles, electric tricycles, electric three-wheeled motorcycles, electric four-wheeled cars, electric battery cars, etc. fat tire electric bike also have different performance and characteristics because of different models.

Realization Mode and component of Electric vehicle Controller

Realization of electric vehicle controller: pwm speed regulation mode is widely used (regardless of brushless and brushless.

Electric vehicle controller component: a complete electric bicycle controller, the internal must have the pwm generator circuit, but also has the power circuit, the power device drive appliance, the controller piece drive circuit, Control unit (switch, brake, motor Hall, etc.) signal acquisition unit and processing circuit, over-current and under-voltage protection circuit.

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