Five Tips for Prolonging the Service Life of Electric Bike

First of all, in order to extend the service life of your electric vehicle, it is recommended that you have the best help when the Chinese electric bike starts, and then use electric riding;

Secondly, in the course of riding, if there is a steep slope or headwind, the first two are to avoid the battery discharge due to high current, thus affecting the service life.

The vehicle should avoid being placed in places where the air is damp, temperature is too high and corrosive gases are present, so as not to cause chemical corrosion on the electroplated paint surface of metal parts.

It is necessary to avoid prolonged exposure to the sun and rain on the vehicle, so as to avoid damage to the components in the controller, resulting in malfunction of operation and accidents.

The part of electric vehicle controller is complex, the user should not disassemble or repair it without authorization. If the local charging voltage is unstable, it is easy to fuse the charger fuse, it is recommended to use AC voltage stabilizer.

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