How to Use and Maintain the Motor?

Whether brushless motor or brushless motor, it is normal to produce some mechanical noise (brushless) or foldable electric bike during operation. However, if the brushless motor produces abnormal vibration and sound during operation, the power lock should be shut off and overhauled in time.

When the electric vehicle moves backwards, it is normal to feel the rear wheel retrogression is heavier. But if an electric vehicle feels a lot of resistance when it’s going forward, the motor needs to be disconnected immediately (the forward resistance can be eliminated, and then repaired in a timely manner.

No special maintenance is required during the normal use of the motor, but attention is paid to checking the fastener status between the motor hub shaft end and the motor end cover. If any loose screw or nut is found, it should be tightened in time to prevent vehicle malfunction caused by wire twisting and so on, which will affect the safety of operation.

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