Main Points of Maintenance of Electric Bicycles

The electric bike should be maintained every half a year, the transmission parts should be lubricated and rustproof, the fasteners should be strengthened, and the fastening degree of spokes should be adjusted.


When charging the battery, plug the charger output plug into the battery box, and then plug the charger input plug into the chamber socket. Charging with constant current, constant voltage, three phase float automatic conversion mode, when the battery is automatically transferred to the float reaches sufficient degree, without manual control charging time.


Do not connect the charger to AC power without charge for a long time. If the voltage fluctuation in the user area exceeds the normal value of 15, it is recommended to configure the voltage stabilizer for household appliances.


The battery has a certain service life. If the mileage is less than 50%, the battery usually needs to be replaced. Replacement batteries must be replaced at the special maintenance centre, and the old batteries must be handed over to the maintenance centre for unified processing.

During maintenance, any problems with electric motors, batteries, control systems and chargers should be repaired at the special maintenance centre, do not disassemble them by yourself.

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