Other Key Points for Maintenance of Electric Bicycle

While undercooling and overheating are not good for fat tire electric bike, they are generally more likely to be cold (electric vehicles tend to get 30 cents less electric power in winter than in summer, but are more afraid of moisture or water than cold ones.)

Pay attention to sunscreen

Although the fat tire electric bike is not too afraid of heat, it should also avoid exposing the whole car to the sun for a long time, so that the components in the controller will be damaged, the operation will be out of order and accidents will occur.

Mild frictional sound is a normal phenomenon

It is normal for fat tire electric bike to feel heavier when they go backwards and for slight friction in the wheel hub.

Riding should not be overloaded

Ride should not be overloaded, should not be overweight and carry people to avoid damage to the battery and motor.

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