Replacement Method and Precautions of Circuit Elements

If the damage of integrated circuit is detected, it is necessary to replace the integrated circuit.

Disassembly integrated circuit

When disassembled, heat printed circuit board with flame of wine lamp to form circuit pin pad, move printed circuit board quickly and evenly until solder of all pads melts, remove integrated circuit board from printed circuit board with tweezers.

When welding, the solder in the welding hole is cleared clean, the integrated circuit is plugged in, and each pin is quickly welded with a well-grounded electric iron. Attention should be paid to the speed of welding so as not to cause excessive local temperature due to the long welding time and damage the circuit or fat tire electric bike.

Disassembly of power devices

When disassembling, cut the mos tube or the three-terminal stabilized pin, and then weld their pins separately, thus avoiding damage to the printed circuit board pad when removing the large pin element.

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