Share the Following Points of Electric Bicycle Maintenance After Rain

First of all, the maintenance of bicycles after rain do not use sewing machine oil. Sewing machine oil is a kind of thin lubricating oil. If it is used on bicycle, it will dilute the original butter in the car and reduce the lubricity and antirust performance of the oil. Therefore, No. 30 oil or grease and fat tire electric bike should be used to wipe the body.

At the same time, you should use clean fine velvet or old cotton sweater pants to wipe, or take several seeds of castor seed, peel off the shell, wrap it with fine velvet and smash it, and use it to polish the bicycle so that the lacquer surface is as bright as new, and the wheels, spokes, and spokes are clean and shiny, and has antirust effect.

If the bicycle chain rust in the rain, you should use the kitchen cleaning agent will rust wipe, then wash clean cleaning agent, put in diesel, the chain can be restored.

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