Type of Controller for Electric Bike

At present, most electric bicycles use DC motor, and there are many kinds of DC motor controller. The core of the controller is pulse width modulator (PWM). A perfect controller, in addition to pulse width modulator, should also have battery under voltage protection, fat tire electric bike, brake power loss, power display and other functions.

The controller works intermittently;

The controller works intermittently, generally there are the following kinds of possibilities: the device itself drifts in high or low temperature environment, the high power consumption in the overall design of the controller results in the local temperature of some devices is too high, which makes the device itself into a protective state; Poor contact.

Loss of control signal due to wear of connecting wire and poor connection or shedding.

The following possibilities are common: unreasonable selection of wire rod, incomplete protection of wire material, and unfastness of press connection of plug-in.

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