What is a Lead-Acid Battery Repair?

Although most of the current Chinese electric bike manufacturers because of the price and technology, the majority of the use of lead-acid batteries.

But with many battery manufacturers speeding up research on lithium batteries and some unique advantages of lithium batteries themselves, lithium batteries (Li-ion batteries) are destined to become the mainstream products of the next generation of electric bicycle batteries.

The repairing device of lead-acid battery adopts the technology of automatic sweep resonance scan-to-resonance tmand and synchronous interference suppression synchro-suppression tm. it can completely eliminate the sulphate problem of the battery. A new generation of high-tech products for quick and automatic daily maintenance of lead-acid batteries.

It is a physical method, the electronic method to solve the previous chemical method can not solve the problem, lead acid battery maintenance technology has produced a qualitative leap, fundamentally solve the lead acid battery life is short, pollution, The problem of consuming more energy.

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