What is the Effect of Batteries on Electric Bikes?

The function of battery is to provide the power source for fat tire electric bike, also is the energy carrier, is used to drive the electric vehicle motor. To put it simply, batteries are devices that provide energy and store energy for fat tire electric bike.

A battery is a device for converting and storing energy. It converts chemical energy or physical energy into electrical energy by reaction.

The battery is a kind of chemical power supply, which is composed of two kinds of electrochemical active electrodes with different components. The two electrodes are immersed in electrolytes which can provide media conduction, when they are attached to an external carrier. Energy is provided by converting the chemical energy within it.

As an electrical storage device, when two metals, typically metal with a difference in properties, are immersed in the electrolyte, they may be electrically conductive and produce an electromotive force between the ¡°plates ¡°.

EMF size (or voltage) is related to the metal used, and different types of batteries have different EMF.

At present, fat tire electric bike use lead-acid batteries or lithium batteries, their advantages are easy to carry, voltage stability. But compared to lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries are lighter and more environmentally friendly, and will be the mainstream trend of the next generation batteries.

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