What’s the Impact of the Electric Bike Controller on the Battery?

The controller is one of the four important components of fat tire electric bike, so what effect does the controller have on the battery?

The effect of fat tire electric bike controller on battery life is as follows: electric vehicle is a discharge process to the battery while driving, the controller controls a variety of operating parameters, that is, the discharge parameters of the battery.

The controller generally has current and under-voltage protection functions, but the voltage limiting function of the controller cannot prevent the use of pick up voltage (that is, battery stop discharge, battery voltage will rise 2-3 volts, the use of rising voltage will deepen the overdischarge of the battery. Overdischarge is a serious damage to battery life.

Because the individual manufacturers are misled by the market, that is because the undervoltage recovery protection function is added, and the recovery voltage of the battery of the electric vehicle cannot be used again after the primary undervoltage , so that the renewed mileage is short , so that the battery is devastating .

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