What’s the Role of the Battery Charger?

A charger is an electrical device that recharges a battery. It converts electricity to direct current and controls its current and voltage to be stored in the battery. No matter what the charger looks like, but if it breaks down, your thousands of Yuan fat tire electric bike won’t be able to ride without electric power.

Electric vehicles generally use the so-called three-stage charger, the first stage is called the constant current phase, the second stage is called the constant voltage stage, the third stage is called trickle stage.

The antimony content of the negative active substance of lead-acid battery with a charge voltage of only 2.30v was tested. It was found that the content of antimony reached 0.12- 0.19% mass fraction in the surface layer of the negative electrode active material.

For some batteries, such as submarine batteries, the amount of hydrogen released from the battery is limited to a certain extent. The average content of antimony is 0.4% by mass fraction when the hydrogen evolution exceeds the standard of the negative electrode active substances of the battery.


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