Why you should choose a fat tire electric bike?

An electric bike has various advantages: no emission more green, no sweat after long riding, no parking fee more convenient. Among them, fat tire electric bikes are becoming more and more popular nowadays.

Compare with normal tire electric bike, fat tire electric bikes have the following benefits:

  1. It can bring u to more serious terrain like wet stone, sandy roads or snowy hills.
  2. It can adapt to different weather. Fat tire makes it possible to ride on rainy days, snowy days and strong windy days. In rainy or snowy days, fat tire e bike can ride on wet road without slipping. In strong windy days, fat tire e bikes are more stable because it is heavier than normal wide tire bikes.
  3. It is more comfortable to ride a fat tire ebike. It has ¡°suspension¡± inside the tire and riders feel very comfortable during riding. So a fork or rear suspension is not so necessary for a fat tire ebike.
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