Battery Maintenance of Fat Tire Electric Bike

First of all, a fat tire electric bike can’t be overloaded and overweight. When it is found that the meter shows insufficient electricity, it is necessary to use manpower, because deep discharge has a great loss on battery life.


Pay attention to charging methods


Fat tire electric bike for sale in shopping malls will have instructions for use. The method of charging will be written in instructions. The new battery must be charged for the first time, the time must be long, to ensure that the electricity is sufficient.


For lead-acid batteries, they should be charged immediately after use, no matter how far and near the road is used. If a fat tire electric bike is not in use for a long time, make sure to recharge it once a month. This not only protects the battery, but also prolongs its service life.


The characteristics of timely charging lead-acid batteries should be fully charged and stored without waiting for the discharge to be recharged. This will speed up the vulcanization of the battery plate, reduce the battery capacity quickly, and shorten the life span.


The timely replenishment of liquid storage battery is based on a certain concentration of sulphuric acid solution and lead chemical reaction to produce electric energy. Once the liquid is insufficient, the battery in use will soon heat up, so it is essential to replenish the liquid in time.


Try to avoid sharp brakes and slow acceleration. As far as possible, keep the medium speed running the most power – saving, the impact on the battery is the least. The new battery can travel about 60 kilometers at a speed of no more than 15 km / h. If the speed is 25 kilometers an hour, it can only travel about 45 kilometers.


Do not use the motor to start the car directly at rest. It is best to start the car with the help of your foot at the same time. Do not suddenly and significantly accelerate in the driving means the battery strong current discharge, not only damage the battery plate, so that the battery capacity fast decline, shorten the life of the battery. And it’s easy to burn down the key switch contacts.

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