How to Monitor the Lack of Phase in the Brushless Motor of Electric Bicycle?

The lack of phase in brushless motor of fat tire electric bike is caused by damage of Hall element of brushless motor.

By measuring the resistance of the output lead of the Hall element relative to the lead of the Hall ground wire and the lead of the Hall power supply, the comparative method can be used to determine which Hall element is in trouble.

To ensure the accuracy of the commutative position of the motor, it is recommended that all three Hall elements be replaced at the same time.

Before replacing the Hall element, it is necessary to find out whether the phase algebraic angle of the motor is 120 ¡ãor 60 ¡ã, and the position of the three Hall elements of the general 60 ¡ãphase angle motor is parallel. One of the three Hall elements is placed in a reverse position of 180 ¡ã.


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