The Driving Mileage of the Whole Electric Bicycle is Shortened, Why?

When the temperature is 25 C, under the condition of standard test, the continuous mileage of the vehicle assembled by different forms of motor is different. We can refer to the data of the normal fat tire electric bike to determine whether the vehicle’s mileage is normal.

If the actual mileage is less than the reference, we can decide that the whole vehicle has a short continuous mileage.

The fatigue performance of the whole fat tire electric bike is that the power of the motor up slope is small, the starting time is long, and the speed of the test run with the person is obviously slowed down.

The reasons for short mileage and motor fatigue (commonly known as motor powerlessness) are complex. But when we eliminate the above three kinds of motor faults, generally speaking, the fault of short mileage is not caused by the motor.

This has something to do with the attenuation of the battery capacity, the charge of the charger with the battery, the drift of the controller parameters and the fact that the signal of PWM is not up to 100.

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