Why does the Motor Sometimes Rotate and Sometimes Stop?

1, the battery of electric bicycle is not enough, charge the battery.

2, battery contact bad, adjust contact position or polish contact.

  1. Bad contact between the safety tube and the seat in the battery box, adjust or replace it to make it good.
  2. The speed regulation hand handle inside the photosensitive film sensitive tube has the dirt, cleans or changes the photosensitive film, wipes to test the photosensitive tube, still cannot eliminate the malfunction, please change the speed-regulating hand handle.

5, there is a fault in the controller, replace or repair the controller.

6, speed-regulating hand lead seems to break, replace or repair lead.

7, the brake power off switch malfunction, adjust or replace the brake power off switch.

Bad contact after power lock ablation, replace or repair power lock.

9, the wiring plug-in virtual connection, re-insertion, so that it is in good contact.

10, motor brush, wire winding, weld, virtual connection, repair or replacement of the motor.

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