Basic Performance of Electric Bike

The basic performance of the electric bike has not yet met the complete unified regulation, but the electric bike conversion kit should and must have the following performance:


The speed of an electric bicycle is 20 / h. Load, body itself and its accessories should conform to the national quality standards, the total load of not less than 75 tons.


Acceleration, battery power, and on a flat road, an electric bike starts at a maximum speed of 20 / h, with a maximum distance of no more than 8 meters. Climbing ability, electric bike climbing ability is not less than 7 degrees. A single charge driving capacity of not less than 25 of our knowledge. Motor life, brushless motor not less than 300,000, brushless motor not less than 60,000.


Battery life, in the case of full charge and discharge, lead acid battery life is not less than 300 times. The controller and charger should be intelligent, the controller panel has battery remaining capacity and speed display, and it should also have basic protection functions, such as under voltage protection, overcurrent protection, braking and power failure.

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