Some Common Problems with Electric Bike Conversion Kit

What’s short circuit?

A short circuit is a circuit in which a circuit or component that is not connected directly causes the resistance of the circuit to become very small for some reason (circuit contact or best electric bike conversion kit burning out).


What’s volt?

A unit of voltage marked by v, 1,000 volts known as 1kv.


What is Ah?

It is amperes multiplied by hours, the English code name ah, is the unit of battery power capacity, electric vehicle battery capacity is 12 amperes, and it directly affects the length of the electric vehicle mileage. The capacity of the battery is reduced after repeated or abnormal use, which means this value.


What does Ampere mean?

Ampere is the unit of current and the symbol is A.


What does Ohm mean?

Ohm is the unit of resistance and the symbol is¦¸.


What does the integrated circuit mean?

In order to complete some specific circuit functions, many electronic components are highly concentrated and assembled in a specific form. The functions of integrated circuits are different with different models. More integrated circuits can reduce the volume and improve the feasibility.

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