Comparison of Standard Requirements and Market Conditions of Batteries for Electric Bike

Luxury electric cars now run at speeds as high as 35 km / h. The phenomenal development of luxury China electric bike from their birth to their subsequent development, and their market share, clearly tell us how much the market accepts and likes it.

With the increase of bike speed, the constant current of electric bike increases, which puts forward more strict requirements for the performance of battery for electric bike.

Due to its unique advantages such as less maintenance, less maintenance and more stable discharge performance, the electric bike battery has increased the market acceptance capacity, but the actual use of the market is much different from the performance parameters stipulated in jb/t10262-2001 standard.

With the increasing of the comprehensive factors in the use of electric bicycles, this will put more stringent requirements on the products of battery plants and vehicle manufacturers. In order to withstand the test of the market, we need to solve the above problems with scientific theory and practical methods, and inject energy and health factors into the development of electric bicycle industry.

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