Two Important Factors Affecting Battery Life

The failure of lead-acid battery of China electric bike is the result of many factors, which is determined by the internal factors of the plate. Such as composition of active substances, crystal form, porosity, plate size, grid material and structure, etc. It also depends on a series of external factors, such as discharge current density, electrolyte concentration and temperature, discharge depth, maintenance condition and storage time.

Depth of discharge

Discharge depth is the degree to which the discharge begins to stop 100% depth refers to the full discharge capacity. The life of lead acid battery is greatly affected by discharge depth. The focus of design consideration is deep recycling, shallow recycling or floating charge. If the shallow recycling battery is used for deep recycling, the lead-acid battery will quickly fail. Therefore, the deeper the discharge depth, the shorter the cycle life.

Overcharge degree

A large amount of gas is released during overcharging, when the active material of the positive plate is impacted by the gas, which will promote the active substance to fall off. In addition, positive electrode grid alloys are also subjected to serious anodization and corrosion, so the battery will shorten the application period when the battery is overcharged.

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