Three Other Important Factors Affecting Battery Life

Temperature affect

The life of lead acid battery of China electric bike increases with the increase of temperature. At 10-35 ¡æ, for each increase of 1 ¡æ, about 5-6 cycles are added. Between 35-45 ¡æ, each increase of 1 ¡æ can prolong the life span by more than 25 cycles. When the temperature is higher than 50 ¡æ, the lifetime is reduced because of the loss of the capacity of negative electrode vulcanization.

The battery life increases with the increase of temperature in a certain temperature range, because the capacity increases with the increase of temperature. If the discharge capacity is constant, the discharge depth decreases and the solid life prolongs when the temperature increases.

Effect of sulfuric acid concentration

Although the increase of acid density is beneficial to the capacity of the positive plate, the self-discharge of the battery increases, the corrosion of the grid accelerates, and the lead dioxide loosely falls off. With the increase of the acid density in the battery, the cycle life decreases.

Effect of discharge current density

With the increase of discharge current density, the battery life decreases because of the loosening of lead dioxide at high current density and high acid concentration.

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