Electric Bicycles Should be Prevented from Overcharging

The overcharge should be avoided as far as possible, the parameters of charger should be well matched with the battery, the operation condition of the battery in the high temperature season and the variation of the whole service life should be fully understood.


The storage battery should take cooling measures after heating, wait for battery temperature to return to normal before charging. The installation position of the battery should be as good as possible to ensure heat dissipation, when overheating should be stopped charging, the charger and electric bike internal gear hub should be checked. The charging time should be shortened when the discharge depth of battery is shallow or the ambient temperature is too high.


When the battery is short circuited, its short-circuit current can reach hundreds of amperes. The stronger the short circuit contact is, the greater the short circuit current is, so all the connecting parts will produce a lot of heat, and the heat will be greater in the weak link, which will fuse the connection and cause the short circuit phenomenon.


If the short circuit time of the battery is short or the current is not especially large, it may not cause the connection to break, but the short circuit will still overheat, which will damage the binder around the connection bar and make it leave some hidden trouble such as leakage.


Therefore, short-circuit the battery must not have, should be particularly careful in the installation or use, use tools insulation measures should be taken, the connection should be other than the first electrical battery connected, and after inspection without short-circuit, and finally connected to the battery, the standard wiring should be well insulated to prevent overlap arising from the breakdown pressure.

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