How to Deal with the Following Two Kinds of Faults of Electric Bike Charger

Check that the charger input plug is connected and plug the charger input plug into the normal power outlet. If the situation remains the same, open the charger shell and observe whether the fuse connection is intact or not.


If there is no open circuit, check whether the input line of the power supply is good or not. After removing the fault of the input line of the power supply, we should check whether there is virtual welding of the electric bike conversion kit front wheel near the high voltage area on the circuit board.


In addition, open circuit will also cause the above failure, if the inside fuse has broken, do not replace the big Abe fuse (the fuse tube of the charger is generally 2 a), should focus on its components are damaged, can be replaced of the same type.


Severe heat, and even an image of the shell being burned and deformed.


This is mainly part of the users often carry part of the components caused by the loosening of the fault. The main performance is: abnormal voltage working state, large heat, serious deformation of charger shell, circuit board charring, resulting in voltage damage. The weld at the re welding. If the failure cannot be ruled out, you need to check whether there is open circuit components.

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