Low-Cost is the Primary Driving Force Behind the Rise of 750 Watt Electric Bike Conversion Kit

Low speed 750 watt electric bike conversion kit first appeared in the US in the 1990s. It developed from golf cart as a prototype. Its size is small, its speed is slow and its price is low. The most important thing is that its driving cost is less than that of the traditional fuel cars 1/10.


Electric bike first appeared in 1990s in the United States, is a golf cart as a prototype development, its small size, slow speed, low prices. Most importantly, it costs less than a tenth of the cost of a conventional fuel-powered car. At the same time, the early lead-acid battery can be recharged by ordinary household power, and the electric bike at that time fully met the needs of people for close distance, and were affectionately referred to as “neighborhood cars” in the United States.


On the other hand, some European countries do not require electric bike drivers to have a driver’s license to make it easier for people without a license to travel. The convenience of driving, the accurate positioning of the market and the price of the people of the people have made the electric bike get a place quickly.

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