Solving Safety Problem Becomes an Important Challenge of Electric Bike Development

Electric bike comply with the growing demand for environmental protection by the government and consumers, helping to expand market share.


electric bike often use lead-acid batteries, although there is a certain degree of pollution in the production and recovery links. However, zero emission of carbon dioxide in the process of use has added new environmental characteristics to low speed electric bike on the basis of price economy, and increased the desire of buyers and users to buy.


With the use of low-pollution lithium-ion batteries in recent years, electric bike further meet the environmental protection needs of the government and people.


Compared with traditional cars and high-speed electric bike, electric bike have been criticized for their safety. In 2010, the American Association of Highway Safety Insurance organized a series of electric vehicle crash tests.


The test results show that there are serious safety risks in electric bike, and the report points out that the hybrid behavior of electric vehicles and conventional traffic is fatal.


It is recommended that the Government improve the safety standards for electric bike and restrict the use of electric bike only in low-risk traffic environments. Some EU countries do not require motorists to hold their driver’s license, which brings convenience to drivers, but increases the security risks in the course of electric bike.


Therefore, in Europe, America and Japan and other countries and regions, electric bike in the production and driving process of safety standards and requirements are constantly improving.

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