Classification of Separate Management Categories is Beneficial to Electric Bike Management

Electric vehicle market demand is exuberant, the government should establish norm actively. In the United States, Japan, Europe and other industrial developed countries and regions, simple electric bike kit meet the demand of short distance travel and social travel.


Starting from the actual production and use of simple electric bike kit, the government has actively adjusted the system of production and management of vehicles, formulated corresponding policies, regulations and operational norms, and allowed the production, sale and use of electric vehicles.


Classification or classification of simple electric bike kit to implement management, conducive to the development of the market. The United States government implements the classification management to the low speed electric vehicle, has the corresponding safety regulation.


The United States Government began to implement classified management of simple electric bike kit in 1998 and revised standards and regulations twice on 2005 and 2006 as of 2006. Forty-six states have legislated to allow low-speed vehicles to travel in designated areas.


The Japanese government has formulated the “super small vehicle popularization and development plan”, issued a temporary certification system allowing simple electric bike kit to drive on the road, put electric vehicles into vehicle management category, and relaxed some requirements.


The EU has not to do the special definition of low-speed electric vehicles, but the definition of this type of transport for four wheeled vehicles, and according to the weight, speed and power will be divided into the light four wheeled vehicle (L6E) and heavy four wheeled vehicle (L7E), the implementation of classified management.

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