Fault Maintenance of Electric Bike Controller

Power device damage


There are generally several possibilities for damage to power devices of lightweight electric bike 2017: Failure caused by motor damage; Failure caused by poor quality of the power device itself or insufficient selection grade; Device mounting or vibration loosening; Failure of driving circuit of power device or unreasonable design of parameters.


Internal power supply damage of controller


The damage of the internal power supply of the controller is generally as follows: the internal circuit of the controller is short circuit, the peripheral control part is short circuit and the external lead is short circuit.


The controller works intermittently


The controller works intermittently, generally have the following possibilities: the device itself in high or low temperature environment parameter drift; the overall design of power controller to local temperature is too high and some of the devices of the device itself into the protection state; poor contact.


Loss of control signal due to wear of connecting wire and improper or falling off of connector


The following possibilities are common: unreasonable selection of wire rod, incomplete protection of wire material, and unfastens of press connection of plug-in.

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