How to Anti – Theft of Electric Bicycle

Since the weight of the whole car of the electric bike is not more than 40 kilograms, it can bring certain difficulty to the anti – theft. In the burglar alarm system developed by the manufacturer, there is a facility which is quite practical. When the electric bike is not locked, it will alarm when it is leveraged, vibrate and move.


It is revealed that the electric bike with the alarm system is expected to be listed this year. In addition, the choice of electric bike with theft insurance is also a measure to prevent losses.


It is also necessary to purchase car locks with better anti-theft performance. The most common crab-shaped locks are broken because of thin iron sheets and thin locking beams, which are easily broken into and deformed by prying. Although the ¡°u¡± – shaped lock housing is thick, the ¡°cross – opening ratio¡± is high, and the safety performance is difficult to ensure.


If two types of locks are used at the same time, their preventive performance is not simply superimposed, but greatly improved. It is recommended to use a lock similar to the motorcycle lock to lock the hidden lock of the handlebar. In addition to burglarproof, a new lock should also be replaced by the failure of the car lock or the loss of the key.

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