We Need to Pay Attention to Charging Environment

The optimum ambient temperature for charging is 25 ¡æ. At present, most chargers of best foldable electric bike 2016 do not have automatic control system to adapt to ambient temperature, so most chargers are designed according to ambient temperature 25 ¡æ, so it is better to charge at 25 ¡æ.

Otherwise, it is inevitable that winter undercharge and summer overcharge problem. However, the ambient temperature is very low at 25 ¡æ, so it is necessary to overcharge in summer and undercharge in winter.

Most homes now have indoor temperature adjustment conditions. When charging, batteries and chargers are best placed in a ventilated and temperature-adjusted environment. It is suggested that when the battery enters the warm room in the north winter, the surface of the battery will be frosted and condensed.

In order to avoid the battery leakage caused by frost condensation, it should be at the temperature of the battery to be close to the indoor temperature and to be recharged after drying.

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