the Fundamental Structure of Best Mid Drive Electric Bike Motor

The motor is composed of stator, rotor and other accessories. The stator core is usually punched by silicon steel sheet with an insulating layer on 0.35mm thick surface, and it is pressed together. There are evenly distributed slots in the inner circle of the core, which can be used to insert the stator winding.


The stator core groove type has the following several kinds:


Semi – closed slot: The efficiency and power factor of the best mid drive electric bike motor is high, but the winding and insulation are difficult. It is commonly used in small – sized low – voltage motors.


Semi-open slot: can be inserted into the forming winding, generally used for large, medium-voltage motor. The so-called forming winding is that the winding can be insulated before it is put into the slot.


Open slot: used for setting-in winding, convenient insulation method, mainly used in high-voltage motor.


The stator winding is applied to the circuit part of the best mid drive electric bike motor, and the three – phase alternating current is introduced into the stator winding to generate a rotating magnetic field. The stator winding is made up of three electrical angles in the space of 120 degrees apart. The structures arranged by the teams are exactly the same as those connected by windings. The coils of these windings are embedded in each slot of the stator according to certain rules.

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