The Method of Improving the Sspeed of Electric Bike

Many electric vehicles on the market are no different from motorcycles in terms of power, construction, material, appearance and even speed. Electric bike has been used as a travel tool. In order to meet the speed requirement of electric vehicle, you will need to use electric bike conversion kit 20 inch wheel, the method of how to refit electric vehicle is summarized.


There are two ways to speed up, one is to improve the performance of startup acceleration, and the other is to improve the extreme speed. There are both methods, but the cost is not low, and not any car can be modified. Speed raising method of Electric vehicle refitting£ºWhen an electric vehicle starts up, it can increase the current to increase the instantaneous torque of the motor. The voltage requirement of the capacitor is higher than that of the battery charged, and the capacitance should be parallel to the line of the battery.


The principle is: when the battery voltage is higher than the capacitor voltage, the battery charges the capacitance, when the capacitor charges to the same voltage with the battery, the charging ends, due to the increase of electric vehicle current when it starts or accelerates, the internal resistance increases. When the voltage is lowered, the capacitor discharges and improves the power supply current, thus improving startup or acceleration performance.

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