How to Judge Performance of Fat Tire Electric Bike?

A good folding electric bike must have a good fat tire electric bike kit. There are four pieces of folding electric bike are motor, battery charger, and a controller, which is a key performance of electric bike. Therefore, before you buy an electric bicycle, you can learn about the brand, manufacturer, and performance of the four pieces. Only in this way can you have a standard when you look at the electric bicycle.


Most electric bicycle manufacturers are assembled, and their components, especially the four, are purchased from various manufacturers. So, the choice of cars can’t just look at the brand and the manufacturer, it depends on the four big pieces.


The battery of electric bicycle is mainly composed of silver colloid, lead acid, lithium, nickel – hydrogen, etc. Lithium and nickel hydrogen battery life is longer, but the price is high, it is the new favorite of the market. The capacity and life of the battery determines the ride cost in the later period of the electric bicycle.


There are two kinds of motors: brushless motor and brushless motor. Brushless motor technology is superior to the brushless motor, which reduces the unreliability of motor wear. This kind of motor runs almost no noise, the service life is up to more than 10 years. Of course, the brushless motor itself is more expensive and the controller is more complex. Because the power of the motor is directly related to the climbing ability of the electric vehicle, the high power motor should be chosen as far as possible.

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