What About the Charging of the Fat Tire Electric Bike Without Electricity?

Fault phenomenon


First of all, check whether the connection of the circuit is in good contact, carefully check whether the socket and plug have “fire” arc burning phenomenon, wireless circuit damage and wire breakage, etc.


Check the charger is damaged, whether fat tire electric bike meets the requirements of charging parameters: initial charging current up to 1.6-2.5a/; the maximum charge voltage reaches 14.8-14.9v/, charging the floating charge current up to 0.3-0.4a/ conversion, the floating voltage reached 14.0-14.4v/.


See if there is a drying up inside the battery, that is, if the battery is short of liquid. Also check whether the plates are vulcanized.


When charging, the battery voltage rises quickly, some cell voltage is particularly high, beyond the normal lot. The voltage drops very fast when the discharge is discharged, and the battery does not save electricity or save electricity.


The parts of the circuit are connected firmly and the charger is not normal and must be replaced. Dry batteries should be filled with pure water for pulse repair. If the voltage difference between the batteries exceeds 0.3V, it will continue to be vulcanized in the process of use because of the unsynchronization.


Therefore, special attention should be paid to the replacement of the assembled battery after repair, and the replacement must be replaced.

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