How to Maintain the Charger of Electric Bike

Do not change the charger at will. Use the charger correctly according to the instructions.

Before charging, make sure that the charger plug (positive and negative electrode) matches the battery socket of the whole car. It is forbidden to use non-standard and inferior charger to charge the battery so as not to cause unnecessary damage to the electric dirt bike.

When charging, turn off the power lock on the electric vehicle, plug the charger output plug into the charging socket, and then plug the charger input plug into the ac220v power outlet.

Because the charger produces certain heat during the charging process, it is suggested that the battery should be charged in an open ventilation place, and it is strictly prohibited to cover the charger with external objects when charging, otherwise, the charger and battery are easily damaged, and even a fire accident is caused. In addition, the charger is prohibited from flooding or rain.

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