Causes of Chronic Air Leakage in Electric Bicycle Tires

The gas in the electric mountain bike tyre is reduced or exhausted in 2-3 days, which is called the chronic air leakage of the tires. Specific failures and troubleshooting methods can be found in the following four points:

Failure cause: valve tube rupture or valve tube due to aging soft.

Elimination: screw out the pressure nut, take out the valve core, and replace the valve tube.

Cause of failure: air pressure nut not tightened.

Elimination method: tighten the pressure-air nut.

Failure reason: valve body, valve washer and inner tube contact sealing is not good.

Elimination: unscrew the pressure nut and round nut, remove the valve body from the tire, tighten the nut on the valve washer with a wrench, or add a rubber washer under the valve washer.

Cause of failure: inner tube quality problems (microholes, etc.), or leakage in place of repair.

Elimination method: 1 check carefully after taking out the inner tube after inflating, there is leakage air hole plus 2. 2 for the inner tube leakage, it should be refilled, but before the filling, the place must be scraped completely before it can be replenished again.

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