How to Use Electric Bike Battery Reasonably

As a new type of vehicle, electric dirt bike is favored by more and more friends because of the characteristics of environmental protection and energy saving. But a better electric dirt bike is generally not too cheap. Battery is important electric dirt bike.

So it’s important for most friends to use and maintain an electric bicycle properly. Battery is a consumable product, with the use of depth, the vehicle’s continued mileage will be gradually reduced.

Normally, under the condition of 25 ¡À5 ¡æ air temperature, the normal service life of the battery will end when the continuous mileage of the electric vehicle with the load of 36v is less than 15km or the continuous mileage of the 24v electric vehicle is less than 10km.

The battery of electric bicycle is not close to open fire or high temperature heat source. In high temperature season, it is forbidden to directly expose the battery to the sun or to charge it after exposure.

It is strictly prohibited to open the battery seal without authorization to prevent danger and to avoid damage to vehicles due to leakage.

As often as possible deep discharge. Perform 1 or 2 deep discharges per month. The so-called deep discharge is a complete discharge on a flat road under normal load conditions to the first under-voltage protection, or a complete discharge with a discharge meter, and then a full charge. This will lead to a slight increase in battery capacity.

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