How to Prolong the Service Life of Electric Bicycle Battery

Generally speaking, the battery life of electric bicycle is more than a year. But in fact, if the battery is not a quality problem, through the correct use method, timely and effective maintenance, it can achieve about 3 years of life.


As long as you pay attention to the following two places, the battery life of an electric bicycle will be extended.


Note 1: electric bicycle batteries often remain fully charged. The daily maintenance of motorized bicycle batteries is to keep them fully charged.


Take a closer look at the electric bicycle manual, which says, “after the motorized bicycle is used, charge it in time, do not drive at a high speed for a long time, cannot overload, help when starting, and so on.” these are the correct methods of use.


Note 2: battery maintenance for motorized bicycle


Now the common batteries on the market, basically are the first 8 months after the replacement of new 4 months of maintenance battery. Occasionally, some batteries can be packaged for two years, but it stresses the need to return to the store once a year for maintenance or, if not, as a waiver of the second year.

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