How to Deal With the Used Batteries of Motorized Bike

As a big country of bicycle in China, the use of battery makes motorized bike take the place of bicycle and motorcycle in China, and become the mainstream of people’s daily transportation.


On the one hand, compared with motor vehicles such as motorcycles and automobiles, electric bicycle have the characteristics of low energy consumption, no exhaust emissions, low carbon and green environmental protection, and have become a “green industry” encouraged by China, but on the other hand, Improper treatment of used batteries for motorized bike may lead to new environmental health problems.


On the one hand, the waste battery of motorized bike has the value of recycling, but if it is not handled properly on the one hand, it will cause potential harm to the environment and lead to new environmental health problems.


Through data collection and questionnaire survey, it is found that the battery life of motorized bike in China is on the low side, which needs to be replaced frequently, and the number of used batteries is huge.


Waste batteries are less recycled, “old for new” waste battery whereabouts are not clear. In addition, battery brand clutter caused by the market chaos.

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