How Can Electric Bicycle Ride More Safely?

First, do a good new electric bicycle physical examination. After riding a new car for some time, all the parts of the car should be checked and adjusted. See if the fasteners and lubricating bearings are loose, the drive parts are flexible, the brake lines are fastened, and the brake pads are fed, and so on.


Second, do a good job in daily maintenance. Before each use of the electric bicycle, check whether the car is in good condition, whether the car has any abnormal sound, whether the screw is loose, and whether the battery is fully powered.


Brake is the basic guarantee of safety, should be checked at any time whether the brake is sensitive and effective, as long as there is a problem should be immediately adjusted or repaired; tire aeration should be appropriate, otherwise it will affect riding comfort and service life. Of course, also be careful not to seat, handlebar to the maximum limit height, or there will be accidents.


The third is to understand cycling matters. When the electric bicycle is just started, it should be accelerated slowly, so as to avoid the sudden acceleration damage to the components and components, and the speed regulating handle should be released when braking while driving, so as not to damage the motor and other parts.


In order to prolong the life of battery and motor, we should reduce the frequent brake and start up in order to prolong the life of battery and motor, and apply the help of foot when the vehicle starts up and climbs the slope.


When getting off the train, the power should be turned off so as not to turn the speed-regulating handle unintentionally, and the car suddenly starts up unexpectedly.


Four is to pay attention to the charging link. Electric car charger contains high voltage line, do not disassemble without authorization.


When charging, the charger should not be covered with anything, should be placed in a ventilated place, at the same time pay attention to prevent liquid and metal particles from entering the charger, to prevent falling and impact, so as to avoid damage.

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