Methods of Reducing Traffic Accident of Electric Bicycle

The first is to perfect the laws and regulations, to explicitly include electric bike into the category of non-motor vehicle management, to make clear provisions on the speed of electric vehicles, the use of roads, and the punishment of violation of the law.


The second is to strengthen the management of electric bike. Traffic management departments should increase the penalties for all kinds of traffic violations of electric vehicles so as to truly reverse the rising trend of traffic accidents caused by electric vehicles.


Third, strengthen propaganda, improve the safety awareness of traffic participants, strengthen the publicity and education of traffic violators, and increase the intensity of traffic safety education.


The necessary market supervision mechanism should be established, at the same time, the road safety should be included in the year-end target assessment of the government functional departments, and the unqualified electric vehicle manufacturers should be “closed, stopped, turned around”, and the enterprises should be optimized and reorganized.


Cyclists should pay attention to speed control and follow traffic rules.

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