How to Protect Battery Charger of Best Electric Bike

Do not replace the charger casually, do not remove the speed limit of the controller. Manufacturers of chargers generally have personalized requirements, do not change chargers at will when not sure.


If the mileage requirement is longer, multiple chargers must be provided for recharging in different places. The charger that is fully charged during the day will be replaced by another charger, and the original charger will be used at night. Removing the speed limit of the controller may increase the speed of some best electric bike 2013, not only reduce the safety of the car, but also reduce the service life of the battery.


Protect the charger


General instructions on the use of the above protection charger instructions.


Many users don¡¯t have the habit of reading the instructions. It is often too late to think of the instructions after the problem. Therefore, it is very necessary to read the instructions first. In order to reduce the cost of the charger, now basically no design, high vibration resistance so that the charger is generally not on the electric bike and bicycle in the trunk.


In special cases, it is necessary to move and pack the charger with foam plastics so as to prevent vibrating bumps. After many chargers are vibrated, their internal potentiometers drift, which makes the whole parameters drift and leads to abnormal charging state.


In addition, attention should be paid to maintaining the ventilation of the charger when charging, otherwise, it will not only affect the life of the charger, but also may cause heat drift and affect the charging state. This can damage the battery. Therefore, it is very important to protect the charger.

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