Main Functions and Features of Small Wheel Electric Bike

Super silent design technology: the unique current control algorithm can be applied to any type of brushless electric vehicle motor, and has a considerable control effect, which improves the general adaptability of the small wheel electric bike controller. Make electric vehicle motor and controller no longer need to match.


Constant current control technology: the current plugging current of the electric vehicle controller is completely consistent with the dynamic running current, which ensures the battery life and improves the starting torque of the electric vehicle motor.


Automatic recognition motor mode system: automatic identification of electric vehicle motor commutation angle, Hall phase and motor output phase, as long as the controller’s power line, switch line and brake line are not connected wrong, can automatically identify the motor input and output mode, Can save brushless electric vehicle motor wiring trouble, greatly reduce the use of electric vehicle controller requirements.


Motor lock system: in the alert state, the controller locks the motor automatically when alarming, the controller has almost no power consumption, no special requirements for the motor, and no effect on the normal implementation of electric vehicles under the condition of battery under voltage or other abnormal conditions.

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