Maintenance and Maintenance of E-Bikes Motor

The e-bikes has been installed and debugged to the best condition before the sale, please do not disassemble and assemble electrical appliances and related parts in use. If abnormal conditions such as abnormal noise of transmission parts, non-working power, etc. are found while riding, a professional repairman should be asked to repair them.


There is no need to adjust or maintain the motor in normal use, just do some cleaning work such as surface dust removal. Do not add lubricating oil to the transmission parts at will. As far as possible to prevent the motor zero start, it is best to first ride up to start the motor before starting the motor because of zero start, the current is too large to affect the battery, motor life.


In rainy days, attention should be paid to prevent the controller and motor water, resulting in short-circuit damage. Climbing, bridge, headwind driving, battery power flow over the motor and battery life, it is best to assist riding.

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