Maintenance and Maintenance of Electric Bikes

When the red under voltage of the dashboard glows, it shows that the quantity of electricity enters the starving area and should be charged in time. The battery life can be greatly extended by timely charging. Charge the battery of electric bikes once a day for 8-12 hours.


Keeping the battery in high power condition at any time is of great benefit to its lifetime. If the battery is not charged in time after riding, it will greatly affect the battery life.


In order to prolong the life of battery and motor, it is necessary to accelerate slowly when the electric bikes starts up, and it is best to step up on the high slope road and drive against the wind to avoid the high current discharge of the battery so as to prolong the life of the battery and motor.


Battery long-term use, should be enough electricity storage, and every three months to recharge not less than 24 hours. During charging, the battery shall be in the air circulation environment. Avoid close to the ignition source. When charging, it is preferable to remove the battery pack to facilitate heat dissipation.


The optimum operating temperature of battery is 15 ¡æ-40 ¡æ. Beyond this temperature range, the normal operation of the battery will be affected. Do not short the positive and negative end of the battery to avoid danger.

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